How are child actors regulated in the US?

How are child actors regulated in the US?

The activities of child actors are regulated by state and federal laws. In California, laws insist that a child actor must secure a work permit before accepting any paid performing work. Compulsory education laws mandate that the education of the child actor not be disrupted.

How are employees hired in the entertainment industry?

An employee is required to comply with directions as to when, where and how the production company employer wants them to work – clearly the case for most crew members in the entertainment industry. An employee is hired by the production company employer, works exclusively for the production and is subject to dismissal or can quit at will.

What are the overtime rules for entertainment workers?

Overtime rules, meal periods and penalties are defined specifically for entertainment workers. For union productions, it is essential that the entertainment payroll company be well versed in the contracts of the many union locals and guilds that serve the production employee community.

Can a child actor work as an adult?

In the United States, federal law has specifically exempted child actors from all provisions of the Child Labor Laws. Adult film actors participating in sexual scenes must prove they have tested negative for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases within 30 days of going to work on a film.

What are the laws for the entertainment industry?

450.132-Employers or agents must make application to the Division and notify the Division showing the date, number of days, location, and date of termination of the work performed by minors in the entertainment industry. 39-2-18-for minors employed in the entertainment industry a permit is required.

Can a minor work in the entertainment industry?

Yes. Extensive requirements for theatrical employment: The Labor Commissioner issues permits to minors to work in the entertainment industry with required documentation from appropriate school districts as applicable and/or permits permitting employment of minors in the entertainment industry.

How old do you have to be to get an entertainment work permit?

Applicants for entertainment work permits for minors between the ages of 14 and 17 must also complete sexual harassment prevention training before obtaining a minor’s entertainment work permit. All minors working in the entertainment industry in California must register.

How old do you have to be to work in a movie theater?

The state does not permit minors under the age of 18 to work in commercial adult entertainment establishments. 71-3105-d-The provisions of this Article do not apply with respect to any employee engaged as an actor or performer in motion pictures; radio or television productions, or theatrical productions.