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Do grandparents have rights to see their grandchildren in Michigan?

Do grandparents have rights to see their grandchildren in Michigan?

Michigan law does not grant grandparents as many rights to custody or visitation as are granted to the child’s natural and/or legal parents. However, grandparents may be able to petition the court in some circumstances and request that a court award them grandparent visitation time with their grandchildren.

When did grandparents get visitation rights in Michigan?

Michigan changed the laws governing visitation with grandparents in 2005 after the old laws were challenged as unconstitutional. Grandparents can petition the court and be granted grandparenting time in Michigan. Grandparents cannot receive visitation rights if the parents were never married.

Who is the grandparent rights attorney in Michigan?

Working with an experienced Michigan family law attorney can give you an advantage when you are petitioning for grandparenting time. An attorney who handles these matters understands what judges are considering when determining the best interest of the child. Experienced grandparents rights lawyer Cameron C. Goulding can help.

Can a grandparent get visitation rights if another person adopts a child?

Grandparents never receive visitation rights if another person adopts the child. It is true that in cases where a third party adopts a child, natural grandparents of the child usually cannot receive visitation rights without the consent of the adoptive parents.

What rights do grandparents have within the state of Michigan?

Currently in the State of Michigan, grandparents do not have any legal rights to their grandchildren unless the birth parent they are related by is deceased. Even in that case it is very limited. In this state there are many grandparents raising their grandchildren as a result of them being removed by the state and placed.

What are my rights as a grandparent in Michigan?

Michigan grandparents’ legal rights, guidelines, regulations, and rules of law allow you to ask for visitation, and temporary custody of your grandchildren. MI grandparents can also file for full custody, guardianship, or adoption, to raise their grand-kids, through a MI family law custody court judicial process.

Does Michigan still have visitation rights for grandparents?

Visitation Rights Of Grandparents In Michigan: Michigan has special statutes regarding the child visitiation rights of grandparents under different circumstances. State law does not provide for general visitation rights of grandparents, but visitation rights may be presumed under certain parental situations.

What rights do I have as a grandparent?

Grandparent’s rights typically apply to the custody of a grandchild and visitation privileges. Grandparents may file suit requesting custody if they believe it is in the child’s best interest.