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Did not work for sponsoring employer?

Did not work for sponsoring employer?

IF A person did not work for their sponsoring employer after they obtained a green card (through PERM/labor certification), it could create risks and problems for them when they file for naturalization. It could result in the revocation of their green card and deportation/removal.

Can I file I 485 through a past employer?

The previous employer would need to submit the I-485J confirming the job offer is still available. You can only proceed with the I-485 with a new employer if you had an I-485 pending for at least 180 days.

How long does a sponsor Licence last?

four years
How long does a sponsor licence last? A sponsorship licence lasts four years. The sponsor should apply to renew the licence before it expires.

Are there any company-sponsored social events in the summer?

Summertime usually brings warm, sunny days for making fun-filled memories. For employers, it can be a time for company-organized social events, such as picnics, baseball games, or competitive recreational activities. This article identifies ways to minimize any potential liability arising from such activities.

What is an example of an employer sponsorship?

Provide a nominal sponsorship check (e.g., $1,000 or less) for the team leader to use toward team expenses, but not dictate how the funds are used. Here’s another example: Suppose a company manager is considering three internal candidates for promotion.

What should employees know about company sponsored events?

Or consider enacting an excessive alcohol consumption policy informing employees they are expected to drink responsibly, not drink and drive, and otherwise abide by all company policies even for off-site company-sponsored events. Make a variety of nonalcoholic beverages available.

How often do I need to apply for sponsorships?

Sasol receives many applications for sponsorships, donations, prizes and assistance every month, with many of those requests being aligned to our goals. Unfortunately, the number of applications seeking support from Sasol exceeds our sponsorship mandate.