Can you trust at home paternity test?

Can you trust at home paternity test?

Since DNA for one person is the same in every cell in their body, the accuracy of a test performed with cheek cells is exactly the same as a blood sample. As long as a user follows kit directions carefully, the quality of the cheek sample when collected at home is just as good as one collected by a doctor or lab.

Can a paternity test be used in court?

Court-Admissible Paternity Tests (Legal Paternity Tests) by HOMEDNA on 08/22/2014 Whether you want to use your paternity test results in court or just for your own personal information, the laboratory uses the same high standards in DNA testing and produces exactly the same results. So, what’s the difference?

Is there a DNA test that is admissible in court?

Paternity testing lab is AABB accredited. Our legal DNA tests analyze more markers, uses the most advanced testing processes & produces 100% accurate AABB accredited results fully admissible in court. We offer FREE USPS rush delivery of our informational DNA test kits. And, our legal paternity test results are ready in 2-days.

How long does it take for a paternity test?

And, our legal paternity test results are ready in 2-days. Other labs want you to prepare your own kit, but Don’t Risk Compromised DNA. We provide accurate legal paternity tests in the USA. Don’t buy your test from an entity that sends them to the lowest bidder. Our lab performs all our own legal tests in house.

Can a DNA test be used in a child support case?

If so, our legal DNA test provides court admissible results to confirm or deny who is the biological father. This evidence can be used for any legal purposes through-out all 50 states. This includes child support situations, to change a name on birth certificates, or child custody paternity case.

How to test for paternity in a court?

Legal DNA Paternity Testing 1 Legal DNA Testing Process. 2 Court Admissible DNA Results Include the Following Documents. 3 Common Reasons for Legal DNA Test 4 The Test Me DNA Difference. 5 AABB Accreditation. 6 Legal DNA Paternity Testing FAQ. 7 Legal DNA Testing Questions. 8 Non-Legal DNA Testing for Private Use

How long does it take to get paternity test results?

Legal Paternity Testing can be setup easily with Test Me DNA. Get results typically within 3-5 business days at affordable prices. Legal DNA test results are accredited, admissible in court and can also be used to establish benefits. All Legal DNA testing needs to be performed by an American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) accredited laboratory.

Can a DNA test hold up in court?

It is highly unlikely that any court of law will accept the results of such a home DNA test. Admissible DNA testing ordinarily require a very high degree of training and expertise; Moreover, specialized laboratories are used to obtain results.

Which is the best DNA lab for paternity testing?

Our legal paternity tests offer conclusive and accurate results for DNA testing between an alleged father and child. Not only will you will find our our prices are very affordable, but also our customer service is simply unparalleled. Our lab is AABB accredited.