Can you still become a cop with past drug use?

Can you still become a cop with past drug use?

Therefore, they don’t always eliminate you from consideration if you admit to some past substance use. Policies on past drug use vary from department to department and drug by drug.

Can a person with a drug addiction get a job?

“When a worker has a record of such a disability and is performing his job proficiently, an employer cannot lawfully preclude the worker from employment because he is receiving treatment for his addiction.”

Can a person who has experimented with drugs join the military?

In most cases, a person who experimented with “non-hard” drugs in the past will be allowed to enlist. Anything more than experimentation may very well be a bar to enlistment.

Can you work for CBP if you have misused a prescription?

Yes. CBP has guidelines which have an unfavorable recommendation for employment if the applicant has used marijuana, anabolic steroids, or misused prescription drugs (used someone else’s prescription, used a prescription for recreational as opposed to medical purposes, etc.) within the 24 months prior to application to work for CBP.

Is it illegal to ask job applicants about drug use?

But in your zeal to find out about an applicant’s drug or alcohol use, don’t ask questions about disabilities, that could put you in the wrong. TI1e ADA makes it illegal to discriminate based on a job applicant’s disability, and recovered drug addicts and alcoholics are considered to have a disability under the ADA.

Can a person with a drug conviction get a job?

Sometimes those who have served time for a drug conviction get frustrated because they don’t understand why a business owner won’t hire them for a job.

Can you become a police officer with past drug use?

Drug use does not necessarily stop you from becoming a police officer, but you’ll need to be honest about it, prove you’re clean and perhaps wait a while before applying.

Can you ask a job applicant about their conviction?

Asking About Convictions. The EEOC memo says that under the ADA you can ask applicants about their conviction records because these records aren’t likely to bring out information about a disability. You can specifically ask if the person has ever been convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol.