Can you go back to work after maternity leave?

Can you go back to work after maternity leave?

You still build up (‘accrue’) your holiday entitlement during maternity leave. This means you could return to work with a lot of holiday to take. It’s a good idea to agree with your employer before you go on maternity leave how you’re going to take your holiday.

When do I get my Maternity Certificate back?

We’ll backdate your certificate so it’s valid from one month before we receive your application. You must claim your refund within 3 months of paying your prescription charge. The FP57 includes guidance on what to do next. If you lose or damage your certificate, we can send you a replacement.

When do I get my maternity exemption card?

Otherwise, you’ll get your paper certificate in the post within 10 working days of us receiving your application. We no longer send plastic cards due to cost and their impact on the environment. Read our exemption certificate article for more information. If your baby is born later than expected, you can extend the expiry date.

Do you have to pay back contractual maternity pay?

If you do need to pay back contractual maternity pay, you won’t lose all of it. You’ll keep what you would have got if you’d been paid statutory maternity pay instead of contractual. This could make a big difference – check how much maternity pay you’ll get to see how this could affect you.

What happens if you don’t come back from maternity leave?

If you decide not to come back from leave, your employer has a right to seek reimbursement of any money it paid to keep your health benefits in place. In this situation, you’ll have to pay back not only the company’s share of the premium, but also your share of the premium—if you failed to pay it and the company paid it for you.

Do you get maternity credit when you return to work?

PRSI contributions: you will automatically be awarded PRSI credits while you are getting Maternity Benefit. If you avail of unpaid additional maternity leave, you must get your employer to complete an application form for maternity leave credits (pdf) after you return to work.

What is the maximum time you can postpone maternity leave?

Section 7 of the Maternity Protection (Amendment) Act 2004 provides for postponement of maternity leave which applies whether you are on maternity leave, or on additional unpaid maternity leave. The maximum amount of time the leave can be postponed is 6 months.

Do you have a good time on maternity leave?

Enjoy the maternity leave dear. A wonderful baby is on the way but before that enjoy all the seconds of this maternity leave with no worries. We are going to miss you but so much excited to meet the baby soon. You are the nicest colleagues I have ever worked with. You really deserve a wonderful maternity leave. I wish you have a good time there.