Can recuse be used as a verb?

Can recuse be used as a verb?

verb (used with object), re·cused, re·cus·ing. to reject or challenge (a judge, juror, or attorney) as disqualified to act in a particular case, especially because of potential conflict of interest or bias.

Is recuse the same as excuse?

is that recuse is to refuse or reject (a judge ); to declare that the judge shall not try the case or is disqualified to act while excuse is to forgive; to pardon.

What is recuse English?

recuse \rih-KYOOZ\ verb. : to disqualify (oneself) as judge in a particular case; broadly : to remove (oneself) from participation to avoid a conflict of interest.

When should you recuse yourself?

When is recusal appropriate? In general, recusal is appropriate when an official has a conflict of interest with respect to a specific matter, or when the official is biased and cannot act impartially.

Why would you recuse yourself?

A recusal is appropriate when a conflict of interest exists between an employee’s job duties and financial interests (including interests in future employment) or certain business or personal relationships or outside activities. Employees are strongly encouraged to document their recusals in writing.

Who can recuse themselves?

Judges recuse themselves when they take no part in deciding cases that they would otherwise help decide. The Due Process clauses of the United States Constitution requires judges to recuse themselves from cases in two situations: Where the judge has a financial interest in the case’s outcome.

What happens when a judge recuse himself from a case?

In a very unusual case the decision of the judge to recuse himself was overturned and the matter remitted back to him. After a trial the judge gave a 559 paragraph judgment in which he found that numerous defendants had conspired to defraud the claimants. Mr Urumov was a defendant.

Which is the best definition of the word recuse?

Definition of recuse. transitive verb. : to disqualify (oneself) as judge in a particular case broadly : to remove (oneself) from participation to avoid a conflict of interest.

Why did judge Urumov recuse himself from the case?

The claimants subsequently made an application against Mr Urumov for contempt, including an application for committal. The defendants objected to the trial judge hearing the application on the grounds of bias – given the findings made in the judgment. The trial judge, with considerable reluctance, granted that application. The claimants appealed.

What does it mean to recuse yourself from a case?

Merriam-Webster defines recuse as “To disqualify (oneself) as judge in a particular case; broadly : to remove (oneself) from participation to avoid a conflict of interest.” (According to Vox,…

When did the term recuse start to be used?

English speakers began using “recuse” with the meaning “to refuse or reject” in the 14th century. By the 17th century, the term had acquired the meaning “to challenge or object to (a judge).”. The current legal use of “recuse” as a term specifically meaning “to disqualify (oneself) as a judge” didn’t come into frequent use until…

What does it mean if sessions recuses himself from investigations?

What this actually means in practice is that if there are any investigations into Trump’s campaign, Sessions, the top law enforcement officer in the country, will decline to take part in them. In that case, any Justice Department investigation would be run by the deputy attorney general.