Can I work with a cervical herniated disc?

Can I work with a cervical herniated disc?

With herniated discs, you would not be able to perform a variety of job tasks. You can’t work in construction, manufacturing, or warehouse jobs because they require regular reaching, lifting, and carrying. Your limited mobility and pain would make those activities impossible.

Where does a herniated disc C5-C6 reside?

Herniated Disc C5-C6 Explained. C5/C6 resides in the lower middle region of the cervical spine and is a location which is prone to disc degeneration and bulging discs.

How are C5-C6 vertebral levels treated in surgery?

Surgical methods used in the C5-C6 vertebral levels are described below. Anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) surgery involves removing the C5-C6 intervertebral disc to relieve pressure on the spinal cord or C6 nerve root. The disc is replaced by an implant or bone graft, allowing biological fusion of the adjacent C5 and C6 vertebrae.

What are the problems with the C5-C6 spinal segment?

1 Disc problems. Herniation of the C5-C6 intervertebral disc is common. 2 Spondylosis. Spondylosis (degeneration) of the C5-C6 vertebrae and intervertebral disc occurs at a higher rate compared to other cervical vertebrae. 3 Fracture. 4 Congenital stenosis. …

How long does it take for C5 C6 pain to go away?

Injection. Injecting steroids into the epidural space, neuroforamen, or in the facet joints may be recommended for the treatment of radicular pain from herniated discs and whiplash injury., Studies estimate 3 to 11 months of pain relief from these injections, with maximum relief periods for those with herniated discs.

What is the recovery time for neck fusion?

Most patients recover within about 4 to 6 weeks, and some are able to return to most everyday activities after a few days or weeks. For the fusion to fully mature—meaning that it heals into one solid, strong bone—may take a full 12 to 18 months.

What is the recovery time for cervical spine surgery?

Patients typically go home after an anterior cervical discectomy and fusion after one night in the hospital. Most patients recover within about 4 to 12 weeks, although it may take up to 18 months for the fusion to fully set up.

What to expect after cervical disc replacement surgery?

Your recovery from surgery starts as soon as your surgeon finishes closing the incision. Knowing what to expect after cervical disc replacement surgery can help you prepare for a smooth recovery period. After surgery, you can expect to spend up to 24 hours in the hospital.

What is recovery like from cervical fusion?

Recovery from cervical fusion depends on a number of factors. As mentioned, the surgery is considered a success when the symptoms are improved, and the bone has healed across the fused vertebrae. This fusion process usually takes two to three months.