Can I sue my employer for wrongful termination in California?

Can I sue my employer for wrongful termination in California?

California wrongful termination occurs whenever an employee is fired for an illegal reason. If this happens, you can sue your employer to recover damages. In some cases, the employer will have to pay significant extra penalties and costs.

Who is the Attorney General suing in Massachusetts?

Attorney General Maura Healey is suing a Massachusetts law firm over an alleged illegal kickback scheme, her office has announced.

Who is the best employment attorney in California?

The California attorneys at Shouse Law Group help employees and plaintiffs in all practice areas of California labor law, including the following employment issues: Wrongful termination. California wrongful termination law provides remedies to employees who lose their jobs for the wrong reasons.

Can You claim damages in a mass tort case?

The damages you can claim in a mass tort lawsuit include: Each plaintiff must prove his damages. In a class action case, if the group as a whole proves its case, all the plaintiffs will benefit. However, in a mass tort case, each and every plaintiff needs to prove his or her damages.

Who is the law firm that sued Healey?

Keches Law Group in a statement said the law firm is “surprised and disappointed” with Healey’s lawsuit. The suit is based on the law firm’s short-term marketing arrangement with the online pharmacy, Keches Law Group said.

Are there any class action lawsuits against employees?

Dozens of class action lawsuits have been filed by independent contractors who say they’re actually employees under the law. If you’ve been misclassified from exempt to non-exempt, it’s possible that you may have been cheated out of overtime wages for the past few years.

How does an employment attorney investigate a claim?

Your attorney and legal team will investigate your workplace claim in great detail to gather the necessary evidence. They will look at the documents you provide and may also look at employment records, contracts, and other workplace data.

Do you have to pay attorney fees if you lose a lawsuit?

Sometimes the worst happens—you get involved in a lawsuit, lose, and end up responsible for the other side’s attorneys’ fees.

How are workers’compensation lawyers in the United States?

A union laborer who had been with his employer for approximately six years was tragically killed when the trench he was working in collapsed and immediately flooded, trapping and drowning the employee in the process.… A 53-year old client suffered a traumatic injury to his right shoulder after sustaining a fall at a construction worksite.