Can I sue a tenant for back rent?

Can I sue a tenant for back rent?

If the deposit doesn’t cover the two month’s rent, you can sue your former tenant in small claims court (or a similar civil court) for the back rent. In addition to suing for the unpaid rent, most states allow the landlord to also sue for the interest owed on the unpaid rent.

When did we rent out our former home?

Q We are in the process of selling our former family home which has been rented out for the past eight years. We lived there from 1987 until 2012. The value of the house increased from the £91,500 we paid for it in 1987 to £325,000 in 2012, but has gained only £5,000 since then as we have just accepted an offer of £330,000.

Can a landlord rent out a property without a tenancy agreement?

Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord, if you’ve been daft enough to enter into a situation where a property is being rented out without a written tenancy arrangement specifying the terms and conditions of the tenancy, you’ve ultimately created a verbal/oral tenancy agreement.

Can a landlord terminate a tenancy after 4 days?

Bear in mind, there are several months left of the tenancy, so the landlord is trying to terminate the tenancy during the fixed-term. She was in a panic because finding a reasonably priced property to rent in the current climate, in London, within 4 days is a tall order to say the least.

When do landlords ask tenants to vacate property?

Earlier today I received a phone call from a disgruntled friend; her landlord has requested for her to vacate the property by Saturday (4 days away), due to a disagreement with the rent (I’ll spare you from the dreary details, because it’s not the point of this blog post).

How long do I have to pay rent back when I Sell my House?

Term of the rent-back period (the rent-back should last no longer than 60 days. Any longer, and the property is classified as an investment residence instead of primary residence, and the terms of your mortgage will likely need to change) The amount the seller is expected to pay in rent per day The party responsible for utilities

What happens when you move out of a rental house?

First, the current rental income will dictate what the house is worth, says top-selling Huntington Beach, California real estate agent Cheryl Coleman. If the tenants move out, you can increase the rent, which will in turn raise the value of the property.

Do you have to pay back rent if you evict someone?

If he complies and pays you the back rent during that time period, you must halt the eviction. When you provide your sub-tenant with notice of eviction, make sure you provide adequate time for the person to leave.

What happens if I remove my ex from my mortgage?

Under a loan assumption, you take full responsibility for the mortgage and remove your ex from the note. The terms of the loan remain the same. The only difference is that you are now the sole borrower. (And if your ex is the one who got the house, your credit – and finances – are protected if your former spouse fails to make payments.)