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Can employers see who viewed Glassdoor?

Can employers see who viewed Glassdoor?

Jobs community Glassdoor has released a free self-service tool called the Glassdoor Employer Center that allows employers to see who is researching and viewing their jobs and employment brand. Furthermore, employers can see what other companies job seekers view after leaving their company’s page.

Do companies get notified of Glassdoor reviews?

Notifications. Q: Can employers get email notifications when a new review is posted to their Glassdoor profile? A: Yes. Employees with a Free Employer Account can set up their email notification preferences in the Glassdoor Employer Center.

Can employers remove Glassdoor reviews?

You can’t pay us to take down reviews and we apply the same content moderation rules to our clients that we use for everyone else. Our members self-certify their relationship with their employer. We remove reviews when we find evidence of abuse of our “one review, per company worked at, per year” policy.

Should you take Glassdoor reviews seriously?

Use online reviews as an additional resource, do not take them as fact. You can only confirm reviews are an accurate representation of a company if you confirm them yourself through interviews and/or your network, there’s only so much truth you can get online.

Can Glassdoor reviews be fake?

As a result, the majority of the reviews on Glassdoor are written by former employees or people who have interviewed at the company. Emotionally-charged negative reviews are unreliable because of the kind of person that leaves said reviews (you know the type)… and elated, overly-positive reviews are probably fake.

How do you unlock everything on Glassdoor?

When you post any type of review, you’ll gain unlimited access to Glassdoor’s content for a full year. Once the year is over, you’ll be asked to submit another contribution to renew your access. You can unlock Glassdoor reviews by submitting a Glassdoor review yourself online.

Is there an alternative to Glassdoor? – was founded as an alternative to specifically aimed at the German-speaking market. The platform has gained significant traction in the Austrian, German and Swiss markets.