Can employees ask each other about pay?

Can employees ask each other about pay?

You cannot forbid employees – either verbally or in written policy – from discussing salaries or other job conditions among themselves. Discussing salary at work is protected regardless of whether employees are talking to each other in person or through social media.

What should I do when I Call my competitor?

When you call your competitors, you’ll most likely talk to a junior sales rep. This person will qualify you before they pass you on to the account executive that’ll want to close the deal. Here’s how to prepare for the call. Before you pick up the phone, ask yourself who you are as a prospect.

How to poach an employee from a competitor?

Little wonder that recruiters are often asked to bring home that particular prize. ‘Companies are so focused on getting someone from the competition,’ says Mike Sweeney, Principal of MAS Recruiting in Cherry Hill, NJ.

Can a prospective employer ask for my current salary?

This means employers can’t ask about your current salary on job applications or other written materials or ask you about your salary in an interview. In some states with salary history bans, employers are allowed to seek salary history information after making a conditional offer of employment with a specified salary.

Is it ethical to hire from your competitor?

However, you should definitely consult your legal team before contacting your competitor’s employees to understand what repercussions your company could face for unknowingly hiring someone subject to a non-compete clause. Legalese aside, you shouldn’t strive to hire candidates strictly so they can tell you what your competitors are up to.

Can a competitor hire an employee from your company?

As a general rule, an employer cannot hire a competitor’s employee to obtain trade secret information or customers accounts. In addition, an employer cannot induce an employee to breach a non-competition agreement for an improper purpose.

What does it mean to poach an employee from a competitor?

In recruiting terms, “poaching” is a dramatic way to say hiring current or former employees from a competitor or similar company. You have open roles that call for certain experience and knowledge and a person who already works in your industry likely has the attributes you’re looking for.

Why do companies ask employees to sign non compete clauses?

Innovative companies that develop new products or services often ask employees to sign a non-compete clause. These are legally-binding contracts that prevent employees from taking a position with a similar company for a certain period of time after resigning.

What happens if you discuss your salary with an employer?

As a result, the employee was given back pay and offered reinstatement, and the employer changed its handbook. This case illustrates a common misconception — that employers can forbid employees from discussing their salaries. Repercussions from these kinds of conversations can ripple throughout the entire company.