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Can an employer dictate when you go to the bathroom?

Can an employer dictate when you go to the bathroom?

Employers may not impose unreasonable restrictions on restroom use, and employees should not take an excessive amount of time during bathroom breaks. A worker’s need to access the restroom can depend on several factors, including fluid intake, air temperature, medical conditions and medications.

Can a employer record you in the bathroom?

Therefore, other than the bathroom and the designated area for changing clothes, you can be audio recorded, video recorded, and photographed without your consent and without notice. Your employer’s actions are perfectly legal. There is no such thing as workplace privacy in the United States.

Can a employer take my picture at work?

Your employer can take your picture without your consent pretty much anywhere in the workplace except for obviously “private” locations such as restrooms and employee dressing rooms.

Can a employer discipline an employee for taking photos?

He says “…employers that wish to discipline an employee for taking photos or making recordings in the workplace must carefully evaluate whether the employee’s actions constitute Section 7 activity under the NLRA.” If in this reasoned evaluation the activity is not protected then discipline can proceed.

Can you take pictures of the inside of someone’s bathroom?

There are some problems there. One is: You took pictures of the inside of someone’s bathroom. It is quite likely that if you got permission to do so, you got the permission under the assumption that the picture would be used to promote company X.

Can a employer film an employee in the bathroom?

An employee who is using the bathroom or getting undressed has a very strong, and very reasonable, expectation of privacy — and few (if any) employers will have a substantial enough need to justify filming employees doing these things. Other activities may also be off-limits for employer surveillance.

Can you prohibit employees from taking photos at work?

The answer, like many in HR, is it depends on the circumstances. If you ask the NLRB they will tell you “No” if it interferes with an employee’s rights under the National Labor Relations Act. In fact recording of any kind, photographic or voice, has to be allowed baring some valid legal or business justification.

Can a employer fire you for taking a picture?

On the other hand, your employer can fire you for any reason, good or bad, or even for no reason at all, unless you are protected by a union contract or were discriminated against… Are you actually being terminated? It sounds like the other employee was taking a picture of you asleep (or with eyes closed as you say) and then reported it.

Is it illegal for a coworker to take your picture?

Please explain. If you are asking whether a coworker has violated a law by taking your picture when it is against work policy, , then the answer is probably that it is not illegal but still against work policy.