Can an employer ask to see an Employees Social media account?

Can an employer ask to see an Employees Social media account?

The next legal risk comes into play if an employer wants to access an employee’s social media accounts directly (i.e., by asking the employee to either divulge his or her password or asking him or her to sign in to private accounts for the employer to view).

Is it OK to ask employer for Social Security number?

Reputable companies ask, but it’s OK for you to call them on it. You need your employes’ social security numbers. Employers are one of the few organizations that really need social security number s, as you have to pay employees, withhold taxes, and pay taxes.

When did employers ask for social media passwords?

The first widely publicized case of an employer asking an employee to hand over his social media password happened in Maryland. In 2011, state Department of Corrections employee Robert Collins went to his recertification interview, where he was asked to provide his Facebook password.

Is it illegal for an employer to ask for an employee password?

The law makes it unlawful for any employer to request, require or demand any employee or prospective employee to provide any password or other related account information in order to gain access to the employee’s or prospective employee’s account or profile on a social networking website.

Is it legal for employers to check your social media?

Smart Social Media Tools for Employers. Because checking employees’ (and job applicants’) social media profiles is entirely legal, many HR departments turn to the web to weed out candidates. But logging in to your Facebook account isn’t enough to uncover everything you need to know about a potential hire. Fortunately, applya can help guide your

When does an employer need to disclose social media information?

Employers may require employees to disclose personal social media account information that is reasonably believed to be relevant to an investigation into workplace misconduct or a work-related violation of the law, as long as the information is used solely for such purposes.

Why does my employer not have a social media policy?

Problems can and do arise when employees’ social media activities are not in line with their employer’s expectations. Often, employers don’t have a social media policy in place at all.

Can a employer ask for a password for a social media account?

However, the employer must have specific information relating to the employee’s activity on a personal account, and the employee cannot be required to disclose the user name or password for the account. Employees and applicants may file a complaint with the state labor commissioner.