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Can a parent get visitation rights in Pennsylvania?

Can a parent get visitation rights in Pennsylvania?

Under state of Pennsylvania law, it is not generally possible for any other interested party other than those specified to be granted child visitation rights. In rare cases this may be overruled by the court. Can parents be granted visitation rights after termination of parental rights or adoption in Pennsylvania?

What does it mean for a father to have visitation rights?

Father’s Visitation Rights. A father’s right to visitation simply means that the biological father has the right to spend time with the child during an allotted time.

How are child custody laws determined in Pennsylvania?

Many of the child custody statutes mirror the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act . In awarding child custody, Pennsylvania courts determine what is in “the best interest of the child” to make their decision.

Who is the father of a child in PA?

The individual could be the father of the child, the mother of the child, or even a child who needs to know for health issues or for legal issues such as obtaining government benefits.

What does custody and visitation mean in PA?

Custody and visitation are the legal terms in court ordered determinations of which parent the child lives with and the conditions for the child to visit the other parent. Custody and visitation are never considered to be final. In Pennsylvania, the law does not favor either the mother or father.

Can a biological parent request visitation in Pennsylvania?

Pennsylvania law states that a biological parent of a minor child may request visitation rights as part of an open divorce, parentage or custody case or may file a petition for visitation in none of these circumstances apply.

What are the rights of a father in Pennsylvania?

Mothers and fathers are evaluated equally and are not favored based on gender. In the cases where the father proves to be the better primary custodian, the father is awarded primary custody. In cases where a parent is named a primary custodian, he or she can petition the court for a child support order.

What are the visitation rights of grandparents in Pennsylvania?

Visitation Rights Of Grandparents In Pennsylvania: Pennsylvania has special statutes regarding the child visitiation rights of grandparents under different circumstances. Under state law, the grandparents of children may obtain visitation while the parents are alive, regardless of the parent’s marital status.