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Can a family member of a Bulgarian citizen enter the country?

Can a family member of a Bulgarian citizen enter the country?

Yes, family members and people in cohabitation with a Bulgarian citizen can enter the country but they might have to present negative tests or self-isolate, depending on the country they are coming from.

How is the people’s Republic of Bulgaria doing?

A 2009 poll conducted by the Pew Global Attitudes Project found that one-in-nine Bulgarians believe ordinary people are better off as a result of the transition to capitalism. Sixteen percent say the multi-party republic is run for the benefit of all people.

When did Bulgaria become a republic in World War 2?

The Bulgarian resistance movement during World War II deposed the Kingdom of Bulgaria administration in the Bulgarian coup d’état of 1944 which ended the country’s alliance with the Axis powers and led to the People’s Republic in 1946.

What kind of policy did Bulgaria have with Yugoslavia?

Bulgaria adopted the Communist policy of closer rapprochement with Yugoslavia. Then Dimitrov initiated the idea of a Balkan Federation that would range from Pirin to the Shar Mountains and reflect a Macedonian consciousness.

Why are so many people leaving Bulgaria for Europe?

Bulgaria is experiencing massive flows of emigration. Yet, not everyone goes away for the same reason, or moves to another EU country with the same life plans. The phenomenon is much more complicated. Bulgarians abroad – the great pain of the Bulgarian economy, for which the lack of people is already becoming a chronic problem.

How long can you stay in Bulgaria without a visa?

S. citizens traveling on regular tourist passports may stay in Bulgaria for a total of 90 days within 6 months without a Bulgarian visa. This law is strictly enforced. Travelers who have been in the country for 90 days and then leave will not be able to re-enter Bulgaria without a visa before the six-month period expires.

What to do if you are denied entry to Bulgaria?

Call 112. Call 112 or go to a hospital. Call 112 or go to the local police station. Bulgarian authorities have implemented an epidemic state of emergency. If you travel from countries with a higher COVID-19 risk you may be denied entry to Bulgaria.

Do you need parental consent to travel to Bulgaria?

Bulgarian parental consent regulations apply to minor children who have Bulgarian citizenship, as well as dual citizen minor children entering and exiting Bulgaria on U.S. passports. Parents should consult the Bulgarian Embassy in the United States for detailed information about the requirements.