Can a disciplinary hearing go ahead without the employee?

Can a disciplinary hearing go ahead without the employee?

If you fail to attend the meeting and don’t have a reasonable excuse for not attending, the meeting may go ahead without you and you will not be able to put your case.

What are the stages of disciplinary procedure?

Disciplinary Procedures: correct steps

  • Get an initial understanding.
  • Investigate thoroughly.
  • Invite the employee to a disciplinary meeting.
  • Conduct the disciplinary meeting.
  • Decide on action to take.
  • Confirm the outcome in writing.
  • Right to appeal.

How long does a disciplinary hearing take?

This is normally 3-5 days. If you need more time, ask for it, particularly if you have not seen the evidence against you or have not been given a letter setting out the allegations.

When do you need a pre disciplinary hearing?

As the Village of Minerva Park, Ohio recently discovered in federal court litigation, the Supreme Court’s decision in Loudermill v. Cleveland Board of Education requires pre-disciplinary hearings in all cases where an employee has a property right to the job, even if a post-disciplinary appeal system exists.

When to appeal a disciplinary letter at a preschool?

At each stage of the disciplinary procedure the employee must be told he/she has the right to appeal against any disciplinary action, and that the appeal must be made in writing to the preschool chair within 5 days of a disciplinary letter. The appeal should be heard, if possible, within 7 days of receipt of the appeal.

What to expect in a pre disciplinary interview?

For the employer, the pre-disciplinary interview is a tool for finding out what really happened and determining an appropriate response. For the employee, the pre-disciplinary interview is an opportunity to give his side of the story and present any mitigating factors.

Can a parent attend a disciplinary hearing for a child?

Employees may be overawed or feel intimidated at disciplinary hearings, and the accompanying person can help the individual to make all the necessary points. The accompanying person can address the meeting, but not answer on behalf of the employee.

What is a pre disciplinary interview?

A pre-disciplinary interview is an interview conducted with an employee by a supervisor prior to issuing a verbal or written warning, a suspension or termination of employment.

What are the steps in a disciplinary procedure?

  • gross negligence or serious insubordination.
  • then it becomes imperative to follow a fair process.
  • Carry out an investigation.
  • The disciplinary hearing.

    What is disciplinary inquiry?

    Definition of disciplinary inquiry disciplinary inquiry means an inquiry conducted in accordance with the regulations in connection with a breach of discipline alleged to have been committed by an officer, fixed term employee or temporary employee; disciplinary inquiry means disciplinary inquiry held or directed to be held under subsection (4)(a).