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Can a court review a commissioner of accounts report?

Can a court review a commissioner of accounts report?

The Court rejected Gray’s request that it review the contents of the Commissioner’s report. Specifically, the Court stated that it has no authority to review reports of commissioners of accounts, rather, it is limited to reviewing some judgments of circuit courts and the Court of Appeals. Ultimately, the Court affirmed the Trial Court’s decision.

What happens if the Commissioner of accounts fails to file an account?

Failure to comply with these duties, including the timely filing of inventories and accountings, can lead to the Commissioner requesting the issuance of a rule to show cause.

Who is the Commissioner of accounts in Virginia?

You will also come to know the Commissioner’s office if you are trustee of a testamentary trust domiciled in Virginia (and provided the trust does not waive accounting requirements) or conservator over a Virginia resident’s estate. But what exactly is a Commissioner? A semi-judge?

What is the role of the Commissioner of accounts?

The Commissioner agreed to hear the issues and scheduled a hearing. The Commissioner conducted an evidentiary hearing at which Gray appeared with his lawyer. After hearing the evidence, the Commissioner drafted his report.

When to file a final account with the Commissioner of accounts?

If the account is a final account the certification states that to the best of the personal representative’s knowledge all taxes have been paid or provided for. Accountings must be timely filed with the Commissioner of Accounts along with the required filing fees for the Commissioner and the clerk of court.

What was the result of the final accounting?

The night of September 15, 2013 was a horror show. With Schedule B completed along with the first draft of the final accounting, the results were awful. The final account was off by tens of thousands and was very discouraging. So, the next day I called the attorney and said, “The final account is off by thousands and I am not sure what went wrong.

How to do final accounting for real estate?

Using my Quicken account to track estate activity, I set up an Income and Expense report by category as mentioned in the article Creating an Income and Expense Report for the Final Accounting. After printing the report, completing Schedule A was quick and easy.

What is final accounts format for voluntary secondary schools?

Accountant’s Report Format of Final Accounts for Voluntary Secondary Schools EXAMPLE Sample School VOLUNTARY SECONDARY SCHOOL Accountant’s Report BOARD OF MANAGEMENT REPORT AND FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE PERIOD September 1, 20XX TO AUGUST 31, 20XX We acknowledge receipt of the Annual Accounts Signed on behalf of the Trustees