Can a company be considered a legal person?

Can a company be considered a legal person?

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of LawTeacher. A company is a legal person, though an artificial one. However, it enjoys as much as the same rights and is subject to as much as the same duties as a natural person.

Who is not a director of a company?

Legally speaking, a director is not the trustee of the company. In the case Smith vs. Anderson, James L.J. observed, “A trustee is a man who is the owner of property and deals with it as principal, as owner and as master, subject only to an equitable obligation to account to some persons to whom he stands in relation of a trustee.

Can a company act in its own persons?

The company itself cannot act in its own persons for it has no person, it can act ‘only through directors’ and the case is, as regards those directors, merely the ordinary case of principal and agent, for whenever an agent is liable, those directors would be liable.

Can a parent company be a legal person?

A similar approach has been taken by the English courts in dealing with group of companies. Templeman LJ in Re Southard Ltd held that: “A parent company may spawn a number of subsidiary companies, all controlled directly or indirectly by the shareholders of the parent company.

Can a manager sign a letter on someone else’s behalf?

Sometimes in the business world, it is necessary for office staff to sign a letter on someone else’s behalf, such as the manager or company president.

Can a manager prohibit me from doing something?

Perhaps there is a more legitimate, business-related reason for the directive, such as the manager is encouraging the employee to get involved with industry groups, or to be networking or entertaining clients in the evening instead of socializing with co-workers.

Is it legal for your manager to write you up?

Rudeness and unreasonable conduct are usually legal, and still deplorable; also unprofessional. It’s legal —but still unethical— for your manager to tell your coworker that she plans to write you up.

Can a professional manager be a member of a LLC?

If your LLC hires a professional manager, that person is an employee. This person should be paid a reasonable salary and payroll taxes must be withheld from their pay. They should also receive an employment agreement spelling out their duties, pay, and benefits. Member-Manager.