Can a company ask an exempt employee to work over 40 hours?

Can a company ask an exempt employee to work over 40 hours?

The request of Urban Outfitters is not unusual; it is just unusual that the request was leaked to the media. Employers regularly require exempt employees to go over and above a 40-hour work week without additional pay, and this approach is appropriate under wage-hour laws.

Are there any laws for ” on call ” employees?

Certain kinds of employees are exempt from this requirement. For example, managerial employees (those whose main job is the supervision of other employees) fall within the executive exemption. Human resource managers usually fall within the administrative exemption. Most…

Do you have to pay employees for after hours calls?

If non-exempt employess work in excess of 40 hours per week, each hour “suffered or permitted” to work must be paid at 1½ times the employee’s hourly rate. If an employer requires non-exempt employees to perform work functions outside of work, such as responding to phone calls, emails, or text messages, that time must be compensated.

Is there a salary requirement for exempt employees?

After all, remember that there are salary requirements for exempt employees, so those who are being asked to “volunteer” are being compensated at a higher pay grade, at or above a salary set by our federal and state governments pursuant to public policy considerations.

Do you get paid for being on call?

Pay for on-call time is given when employees are paid for the time spent being available to work . However, just because you are on call does not necessarily mean that you will be paid. When employees make themselves available in their actual office or workplace for on-call assignments, employers must pay them for the time they spend there.

What is exempt employee salary?

Exempt employees are paid not for hours worked but rather for the work that they performed. For an employee to be considered exempt, they must use discretion and independent judgment, at least 50 percent of the time and must earn more than $455 per week.

What is an exempt employee?

  • An exempt employee is an individual who is exempt from any overtime pay or minimum wage requirements.
  • This exemption is generally found in American labor laws and is called the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
  • FLSA regulations are accompanied by local and state regulations that complement these rules and create different guidelines for employees.