Can a certified copy of a birth certificate be used?

Can a certified copy of a birth certificate be used?

Some agencies may accept a copy of the certified copy, but usually they would want to see the actual certification by the court clerk to make sure the birth certificate is real. Now, they may take your certified copy, make a copy for their records, and then return the certified copy to you. That’s okay, too, because t…

Can you get an unrestricted birth certificate in California?

If you cannot obtain an unrestricted copy under California law, you can obtain an informational copy. An informational copy contains the same information as an unrestricted copy, but will have a legend across the face with the statement, ” Informational. Not a valid document to establish identity “.

Can a baby’s birth certificate be a keepsake?

Often, people don’t realize that what they consider their official birth certificate is not actually a legal document. The copy given to new parents at the hospital, sometimes with the baby’s footprints on it, is meant to be a cherished keepsake but is not valid for official proof of identity.

Do you need a notary to notarize a birth certificate?

The simple answer is: No. It is not necessary —nor legal— to have a notary notarize the Certified Copy of your US Birth Certificate. Furthermore, a certified copy of your vital records does not need to be authenticated, since it is already certified.

How can I get a certified copy of my birth certificate?

If a record is restricted, only those people listed on the record can get a certified copy. Learn more about the law. Legal guardians can get a copy of of a child’s birth certificate by showing their court order and a valid ID. If you legally change your name, that does not change your name on your birth certificate.

Can you make a mistake on a birth certificate?

Mistakes can happen in the birth place, the sex, or other information that is included in the birth certificate. If you have spotted an error on your child’s birth certificate it will be necessary to make the corrections. In order to achieve this, you will need some form of proof to validate the change.

Where can I get a birth certificate with no identification?

Find the vital records office in the state where you were born. Check to see if you can get a certified copy of your birth certificate with no identification. If you can, follow the ordering instructions. Some states accept alternate ways to verify your ID. You may have to contact your state to find out what it requires. For example:

Do you need a photocopy of a birth certificate?

If the parents weren’t married when the baby was born, the birth certificate becomes restricted. Only those listed on a restricted record can request it and you need to include a photocopy of your valid ID (a driver’s License, state ID, or passport).