Are there legal issues with mobile payment transactions?

Are there legal issues with mobile payment transactions?

FW moderates a discussion on the legal issues surrounding mobile payment transactions between Obrea Poindexter, partner, and Sean Ruff, of counsel, at Morrison & Foerster, LLP. FW: How would you characterise the advantages of mobile payment transactions over cash and credit cards? To what extent do they reduce time and improve efficiency?

Is the mobile payment space continuing to grow?

While growth in mobile payments in the m-commerce space should continue, mobile payments volumes at the point of sale will not grow without improved adoption among merchants. FW: Could you explain the impact that emerging technologies have had on the mobile payment space?

Why are financial institutions challenged to implement mobile payment technologies?

To date, financial institutions have been challenged to develop the business case to implement mobile payment technologies because many do not expect build or buy investments to result in new transaction revenue.

Why are so many people using mobile payments?

On the consumer side, trends in mobile payments transaction volumes suggest that consumers are still seeking a value-added mobile payment solution; many point to rewards capabilities or geolocational discounts or rebates as a way to incentivise consumers.

Can a manufactured home loan be used to finance a mobile home?

A Title I manufactured home loan can be used to finance the purchase of a new or used manufactured home or to alter, repair or improve one. Lenders can offer Title I mobile home loans even if the buyer doesn’t own or isn’t planning to purchase the land on which the manufactured home will stand.

How much is a down payment on a mobile home?

Usually, the down payment is 5-20%, the terms are usually 20-30 years, and the rates are around 5%. This is one of the most widely known and used ways to get financing for a mobile home because they do not require you to own the land the home is on. The biggest problem with a chattel loan is the very high-interest rates and short terms.

Where do I pay my FirstBank manufactured home payment?

Call 844-617-8265 Pay at any Moneygram location using receive code 6390 and your account number. Moneygram fee may apply. Please note: Any payments received after 4:00 PM Eastern Time or on a weekend/holiday will be posted the next business day.

Do you have to pay rent when you sell a mobile home?

Some laws even require the park owner to pay for tenants’ relocation expenses. If the landlord intends to sell, the new owner will, in most cases, have to honor any existing leases.