Are there condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

Are there condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

You can start with prices and set the minimum and maximum limits of your budget to get the exact list of condos that are suited for you. Only Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico apartments for sale that have had price drops during the last 6 months will be displayed if you use the Price Drop filter.

How long have I lived in Puerto Vallarta Mexico?

Here’s the full scoop on living in Puerto Vallarta and a few personal updates after month one. I bought a one-way ticket on a whim, packed my 65L backpack and left Chicago on February 7th. I was here 5 years. In 2016, I hitch-hiked up from the Guatemala border to Guadalajara, Mexico.

What to do in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico?

Puerto Vallarta is a resort city on the Pacific coast of Mexico. It is filled with restaurants, beautiful beaches, a cute downtown area, and is surrounded by majestic mountains. Puerto Vallarta is a perfect hub for digital nomads. There’s co-working spaces, affordable housing, work-balance, and a community of expats that live here.

Who are the owners of PVR prop?

PVR Prop is a Puerto Vallarta-based property management and vacation rental company operated by Austin Giles and Gene Mendoza — both bilingual (English/Spanish) — and their administrative and maintenance team.

Are there any condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta?

The number of Puerto Vallarta condos for sale has increased in our area and many developers have chosen to invest in our region, building spectacular condos for sale in Puerto Vallarta and in the North Bay, including beautiful Nuevo Vallarta condos for sale, Bucerias and La Cruz.

Are there any condos in Puerto Vallarta tropicasa?

SOHOPV – 1007 Alta Vista An iconic new condo project designed by the developers of Pier 57. This urban oasis will offer what most only dream of: being in the heart of the Romantic Zone, with… Pier 57 Unit 608 Emiliano Zapata Innovative and adaptable are two words that best describe the cleverly-designed Pier 57 condominiums.

How to sell a condo in Playas del Coco?

If you like a condo for sale and you want to speak with a professional, simply contact the listing agent via the contact form on the page of listing details. Or if you want to start with recommendations from a professional, you can go to the Tools tab in the Point2 menu and find an agent to help you with your home search.