Are there any songs that are about trucking?

Are there any songs that are about trucking?

In no particular order and sticking to no single genre, our Top 100 Trucking Songs list is filled with songs about being on the road, songs about big trucks, and classic hits that are must-haves to listen to while hauling. Think we are missing some tracks? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

When did the song truckin’by Bobby Bare come out?

Released in 1963 by Bobby Bare, this song made the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 – wow!. It explores that familiar idea of how hard it is for those of us who have to leave their families for work, especially the truckers.

What’s the name of Jason Aldean’s trucking song?

5.Asphalt Cowboy – Jason Aldean This song is fantastic — right from the start of the song to the last note fades. It puts you in a relaxing mood and is the kind of song that reminds you everything will be alright. The song is about a guy who has to leave his wife to go to work.

Who is the leading voice of trucking in Canada?

Please try again later. The Canadian Trucking Alliance is the leading voice of trucking in Canada. Watch to learn about the industry’s vital role in the economy, its responsibilities to highway safety and the environment and the CTA’s initiatives to make Canada stronger and more competitive. Loading…

Why was Steve Sommers dismissed from WLW Trucking Show?

Steve Sommers, the longtime host of 700WLW’s “America’s Truckin’ Network” said Friday he was dismissed from the job he’s held since 2004, a job he took over from his father. “I Have Been DISMISSED From I-Heart Radio…I’m Sorry My Friends… 2020 Is A B—-!!!,”

Who is the host of the WLW Trucking Show?

The publication did not list Sommers as one of those laid off. Sommers, of Colerain Township, is the son of the late Dale “Truckin’ Bozo” Sommers, who originated the show on WLW in 1984 and hosted it until his retirement in 2004. Steve Sommers has been the primary host since.

Where can I Hear America’s Trucking Network?

WLW can be heard at night in parts of 38 states and Canada, and during the daytime in parts of six states. “America’s Truckin’ Network” is also syndicated and heard on Sirius XM Radio. Show full articles without “Continue Reading” button for 24 hours.