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Are there any small schools in the United States?

Are there any small schools in the United States?

The two-year study, Small Schools: Great Strides, was conducted by Bank Street College of Education and funded by the Joyce Foundation. A team of seven researchers took a close look at 150 small schools in Chicago, many created as part of education reform that started in the city during the past decade.

Why are small schools good for public education?

The results of two recent studies indicate that small schools may be the remedy for lots of what is wrong with public education. Small schools can reduce the negative effects of poverty, reduce violence, and increase parent involvement and student accountability.

Why are smaller schools better for student achievement?

The researchers found that student achievement was greater in the small schools than in the larger schools. Students, parents, teachers, and community volunteers reported greater satisfaction because they felt more connected to one another, Wasley told Education World. “Teacher satisfaction went way up!”

Why are more middle income kids going to private schools?

In particular, the share of middle-income students attending private schools has declined by almost half, while the private-school enrollment rate of wealthy children has remained steady. Much of the decline among middle-income students is due to falling enrollment at Catholic schools, which have closed in droves in the past 20 years.

Are there any rural schools that are still open?

Case numbers have shot up lately in rural America, which skews older and tends to have huge inequality gaps in health care. Across the country, many schools that have stayed open require students and staff to wear masks. But there’s still resistance in places such as Bruneau, which has a population of 500.

Where are the no show schools in Massachusetts?

The trend was most common in high-poverty, predominantly Black and Latino school districts in Worcester, Springfield, Haverhill, and Lynn; advocates and lawyers reported few, if any, cases from wealthier communities. Among those parents is Em Quiles, who struggled to work her full-time job while overseeing her young son’s schooling.

Why do kids want to go to school?

But most are like Brooklyn Kunsky, wanting them in school, without strict mandates. “Our kids don’t want to wear masks, our kids want to have a somewhat normal [life], if that’s even, you know, a realistic word in the midst of all this, educational experience,” Kunsky says. You hear this a lot here, even among teachers and district staff.

Why do people want schools to stay open?

People want the schools to do everything they can to stay open — everything except requiring students and teachers to wear masks. Currently, masks are only required on buses. The district also recently banned fans at sporting events, per Idaho’s statewide restrictions on gatherings of more than 10 people.