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Are online articles protected by copyright?

Are online articles protected by copyright?

A federal law passed in 1998, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), makes it clear that materials published on the Internet are protected by U.S. copyright laws. The law makes some exceptions that are specific to Internet law.

When did I get a copyright infringement email?

In 2010, a number of small organizations received spam emails alleging that a New York law firm had filed a lawsuit against them for copyright infringement. In reality, the email notice contained a link that downloaded malware onto the user’s computer.

Can a ISP take action against copyright infringers?

As clarified in a recent case involving ISP Cox Communications, action must be taken by ISPs against those who keep on infringing, or they risk being held liable themselves. This has probably contributed to the increased volume of infringement notices being passed on to subscribers and the corresponding reports of them online.

What happens if you use someones copyright without permission?

In general, if you use someone else’s copyright-protected work without permission, that is copyright infringement. If someone receives a notice of copyright infringement (usually in the form of a so-called “cease and desist” letter), that doesn’t necessarily mean they are being sued.

When does a copyright holder have to sue?

A copyright holder can only sue for infringement within three years of discovery. That is, the clock to file a lawsuit doesn’t start ticking until the copyright holder actually finds out about the infringing material (i.e. visiting a webpage that prominently displays an infringing image.)

Where does a copyright infringement notice come from?

Copyright infringement notices can come from a variety of sources—individual owners, attorneys, and internet service providers. The notice should clearly identify the alleged infringing work so that you can determine whether you truly committed the violation.

How to file a copyright claim in the US?

Guidelines for submitting a complete, accurate copyright claim, covering online and paper applications, filing fees, deposit copies, communicating with the Office, and determining when registration takes effect.

Where can I find the US copyright circular?

A complete guide to circular updates can be found here. Overview of basic facts about copyright and copyright registration with the U.S. Copyright Office, covering works eligible for protection, rights of copyright owners, who can claim copyright, and copyright duration.

How to contact the US Copyright Office for payment?

Contact the Copyright Office for information regarding payment with money orders or by overseas banking institutions. For information, correspondence, or payment, contact: Other records available for searching include the publication entitled Catalog of Copyright Entries.