Alternative Education

In this section you can read a lot about homeschooling, unschooling and alternative education

The Fruits of Alternative Education

The traditional class-lesson education system, once rid the world of mass illiteracy, ceases to cope with the challenges of the time. Nowadays, many children simply sit out their lessons, getting a vaccination from curiosity and very little useful knowledge. Realizing this, enthusiastic pedagogues have long been searching for alternative models of school education. The current […]

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Self-education plan

Why do we need a plan for self-education? It may seem that this is an unnecessary work, because you can simply buy 3-4 books on the topic and start studying them, right? And here not. One of the main problems of self-education is that, without a clear plan and understanding of what and how to […]

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Latent learning

Latent (hidden) training – the formation of certain skills in situations where their direct application is not necessary and they are not required. Interest to him arose largely due to the fact that this phenomenon contradicted the widely held opinion that for education a stimulus (reinforcement) is necessary. Imagine that you learned about a disease, […]

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The Essence of Essay

In literature, an essay is a work of reflection on the most diverse subjects and exposed in a personal, even subjective, way by the author. Unlike the study, the essay can be controversial or partisan. It is a literary text that lends itself well to philosophical reflection, but also to other fields: historical essays, scientific […]

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Alternative education: advantages and disadvantages

Many modern parents are dissatisfied with the existing education system. The main reasons: low quality and development of complexes in children. Therefore, a certain popularity was gained by alternative education. But it carries both undeniable advantages, and conceals drawbacks. In this article we will try to objectively evaluate this phenomenon. Have you ever thought about […]

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Alternatives for Homeschooling Families

Your curiosity about your standing that is homeschooling is comprehensible. Luckily, we homeschooling people have several possibilities to see our children’s improvement. We convert the things they do into traditional educational vocabulary and view them discovering the planet. (Stones that are working are technology. Creating with blocks is geometry relationships. Realizing one’s title is studying.) […]

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Our Favorite Unschooling Rules

In his guide, Unschooling Rules Aldrich sets to show anything these who have been trained or two about impotence change with observations and classes in the globe of homeschooling unschooling. Aldrich reveal this enthusiasm and understanding there are several classes to become discovered by learning those individuals who have elected out of school and obtained […]

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Some facts about homeschoolers

Recently, homeschooling has observed an increase in recognition, with much more and increased parents determining to teach their kids beyond college. Some parents (as well as their buddies/household) who select this path are worried about the youngster is capability to move ahead to university whenever they select that route. Issues are simpler for university students […]

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What teachers do hurts children

Their brains are trembling in insolence and the audacity of the post, What Lecturers Parents to be told by Really Want by Disney and Oprah recommended Ron Clark, instructor. Their post is harmful since it signifies the way the most of conventional college lecturers watch roles and parents as regulators over children’s lifestyles. In my […]

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